BECON provides engineering services to design stormwater systems.  Our evaluation and design technology leads to improved systems and sustainability.

Grading and Drainage

We provide detailed grading and drainage plans to minimize earthwork and maximize the drainage capacity on your site.  BECON utilizes 3D technology to deliver comprehensive plans.


BECON provides sustainable and efficient solutions for the transportation and cleaning of blackwater, graywater, and irrigation water.

Cost Analysis and Value Engineering

BECON provides analysis of designs and features to provide maximum value to your project and improve the functionality of the design.

Construction Staking

BECON provides construction staking and accurately stakes out reference points and markers for construction projects of all sizes.


BECON’s knowledge and relationships create coordination between contractors and owners resulting in successfully constructed projects.

Construction Management

BECON’s cost-effective approach and strong relationships with local agencies provide successful project completion.  We are responsive to our clients’ needs and specifications.

Renewable Energy

BECON works with energy providers to develop sustainable energy.  We are an Energy Star Small Business Partner and our staff features LEED Accredited Professionals.

Water Resources

BECON provides engineering for water treatment facilities with a focus on environmental solutions to achieve a sustainable future.


BECON provides all necessary assessments and documentation for NEPA, Phase 1 and Phase 2 ESAs, and SERPs.  BECON strives to limit environmental impacts by complying with applicable laws, consulting agencies, and integrating mitigation measures.


BECON partners with governments and agencies to provide public improvements including streets, transit, sewer, water, and stormwater. BECON takes pride in its community and providing thoughtful design.


We partner with utilities to design and develop plans and operations, manage construction projects, and compile data for efficiency.


BECON is familiar with State and Federal rules and regulations for all aspects of aviation projects.

Universal Design

BECON’s designs accommodate for a wide range of preferences and abilities.We are experts in ADA compliance and partner to provide quality designs for all communities.

ALTA Surveys

BECON prepares surveys in accordance with standards adopted by the American Land Title Association.We work with lenders, title companies, and attorneys to ensure a smooth property transaction.

Corner Marking

Whether you are building a fence or selling your property BECON will locate and mark all existing corners.

Topographic Surveys

BECON utilizes the latest technology to gather site topography including natural and manmade features

Boundaries and Easements

Record and field research will locate and establish property boundary lines.BECON’s experts provide legal descriptions for easements and boundaries.

Project Management

BECON’s effective project managers keep your projects on task and on schedule.We take pride in providing projects that are on time and budget.

Subdivisions and Plats

BECON provides preliminary site layout and design for subdivisions.In addition we provide survey mapping and analysis of sewer and water impacts.

Land Use Planning

BECON has extensive experience with land development applications, conditional use permits, planning commission reviews, regulations and State laws, and environmental guidelines and will guide your project through these processes.